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En gen kan vara inblandad i flera allvarliga sjukdomar, bland annat bipolär sjukdom

The voltage-gated Cav1.2 calcium channels respond to membrane depolarization by increasing the membrane permeability to Ca2+, a major signal for cardiac muscle contraction, regulation of vascular tone and CREB-dependent transcriptional activation. CACNB2 is one of the four homologous genes coding for the auxiliary Cavβ subunits, which are important modulators of the Ca2+ channel activity. Five serious mental disorders - autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, and schizophrenia, - and three major cardiovascular diseases - hypertension, heart failure and sudden cardiac death, - have recently been linked to the CACNB2 gene coding for the Cavβ2 subunits. Here I will focus on the Cavβ2-specific molecular determinant β2-CED as an emerging pharmacological target.


#genetik #npf #depression #schizofreni
av Onddruid
i tis mar 29 2016, 07:14
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Ämne: En gen kan vara inblandad i flera allvarliga sjukdomar, bland annat bipolär sjukdom
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En viktig gen har identifierats som hjälper till genom att facilitera kommunikation mellan neuroner

The gene is synaptotagmin 7 (syt7 for short), a calcium sensor that dynamically increases neurotransmitter release; each release serves to strengthen communication between neurons for about a second. These swift releases are thought to be critical for the brain’s ability to perform computations involved in short-term memory, spatial navigation and sensory perception.

“We really think one of the most important things the brain can do is change the strength of connections between neurons,” Jackman said. “Now that we have a tool to selectively turn off facilitation, we can test some long-held beliefs about its importance for thinking and working memory.”


#hjärnan #neurologi #artikel #genetik
av Onddruid
i fre mar 18 2016, 06:01
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Ämne: En viktig gen har identifierats som hjälper till genom att facilitera kommunikation mellan neuroner
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Om ärftlighet hos depression och bipolär sjukdom



Offspring of depressed parents are at increased risk for psychiatric disorders. Although bipolar disorder (BD) and major depressive disorder (MDD) are both found in the same families, it is not clear whether transmission to offspring of BD or MDD tends to occur from parents with the same mood disorder subtype. Our primary hypothesis was that the offspring of parents with BD would be at increased risk for BD and other comorbid disorders common to BD, such as anxiety and substance use, relative to the offspring of parents with MDD. The offspring of parents with BD versus those with MDD were also hypothesized to be at greater risk for externalizing disorders (i.e., conduct disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, or antisocial personality disorder).

Parents (n = 320) with mood disorders and their offspring (n = 679) were studied. Adult offspring were administered the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV Axis I Disorders to establish the presence of psychopathology. Offspring aged 10–18 years were assessed using the School Aged Schedule for Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia, Present and Lifetime version, and parents of children under the age of ten completed the Child Behavioral Checklist. Data were examined using Cox proportional hazard regression.

There was no difference in hazard of mood disorders in the offspring of parents with BD as compared to the offspring of parents with MDD. However, a number of other parent and offspring characteristics increased the risk of mood, anxiety, externalizing, and substance use disorders in the offspring, including self-reported childhood abuse in the parent or offspring, offspring impulsive aggression, and the age at onset of parental mood disorder.

Mood disorders are highly familial, a finding that appears independent of whether the parent's condition is unipolar or bipolar, suggesting considerable overlap in the heritability of MDD and BD. Although parental characteristics had a limited influence on the risk of offspring psychopathology, reported childhood adversity, be it in the parent or child, is a harbinger of negative outcomes. These risk factors extend previous findings, and are consistent with diathesis–stress conceptualizations.


#depression #genetik #ärftlighet
av Onddruid
i fre mar 04 2016, 08:24
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Ämne: Om ärftlighet hos depression och bipolär sjukdom
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"Att skylla på generna" verkar faktiskt hjälpa

The study is among the first to show the value of genetic counselling for psychiatric illnesses, and researchers say that the service should be made more available to people suffering from mental illness. Genetic counselling helps patients understand the cause of their illness, the genetic component and how they can protect their mental health going forward.

"Traditionally genetic counselling is applied to conditions that are caused entirely by genes like Huntington's disease," said Jehannine Austin, a Canada Research Chair in Translational Psychiatric genomics and associate professor at UBC. "Psychiatric disorders arise because of a combination of genes and experience and our study shows that genetic counselling is just as valuable for these patients."


#artikel #genetik #behandling #terapi
av Onddruid
i mån feb 29 2016, 07:46
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Ämne: "Att skylla på generna" verkar faktiskt hjälpa
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