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En viktig gen har identifierats som hjälper till genom att facilitera kommunikation mellan neuroner

The gene is synaptotagmin 7 (syt7 for short), a calcium sensor that dynamically increases neurotransmitter release; each release serves to strengthen communication between neurons for about a second. These swift releases are thought to be critical for the brain’s ability to perform computations involved in short-term memory, spatial navigation and sensory perception.

“We really think one of the most important things the brain can do is change the strength of connections between neurons,” Jackman said. “Now that we have a tool to selectively turn off facilitation, we can test some long-held beliefs about its importance for thinking and working memory.”


#hjärnan #neurologi #artikel #genetik
av Onddruid
i fre mar 18 2016, 06:01
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Ämne: En viktig gen har identifierats som hjälper till genom att facilitera kommunikation mellan neuroner
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Motståndskraft mot stress, vad är det och vart kommer det ifrån?

Nature skrev:Confronted with a life-threatening situation, hormones and neurotransmitters prep us for action. Specific stress hormones — cortisol in primates, corticosterone in most rodents — are released, some of which surge across the blood–brain barrier. Stress gets everywhere: all our cells host receptors for the hormone. “Every brain area has something happen to it,” says Kaufer. The human brain has two types of receptor for cortisol. One has a six to tenfold higher affinity for the molecule than the other, and so is activated earlier, by smaller amounts of cortisol.

The hippocampus (which is pivotal for memory) and the amygdala (the centre for emotions) contain lots of the high-affinity receptors, and are, therefore, activated by slight rises in the hormone. The frontal lobe, which is involved in executive planning and control, has only the low-affinity receptor, and is activated later, after the tide has risen. And, as Lupien and colleagues found, both memory formation and recall in adults can be influenced by cortisol1.

The existence of two receptor types means that response to stress is not linear. “The relationship between circulating stress hormone and memory is an inverted U-shape function,” Lupien explains. “Up to a certain level, stress hormones are good for your memory” — when the cortisol binds only to the high-affinity receptors, the ability to lay down and retrieve memory is enhanced. When the low-affinity receptors are activated, the relationship enters the right-hand side of the U-shape and the response shifts, she adds.

The duration of stress is also important. A transient bout of stress causes a proliferation of neural stem cells and a spike in numbers of new neurons, which take at least two weeks to mature. The brain seems to be preparing itself in case a second stressor comes calling. Chronic stress is not so beneficial. It slashes investment in new neurons, prunes the tree-like shape of existing ones, and suppresses new connections.

If stress hormones remain elevated for months or years, they can stimulate physiological changes: the hippocampus shrinks and the amygdala grows, for example. Eventually, the complex feedback system that suppresses the excess secretion of cortisol is disturbed. Once this happens, the capacity to discriminate between threat levels falls away. Either everything seems threatening (anxiety) or else nothing does (depression or burnout).

Nature skrev:Old ideas that certain individuals have an inherent 'hardiness' or an innate ability to bounce back from severe stress have fallen by the wayside. Instead, resilience and our response to trauma are recognized as being more dynamic, changing throughout life. It's a complicated milieu, but one of the main ways that stress marks the brain is through epigenetics. This does not change genes, but it can change their expression by attaching methyl groups to DNA or associated proteins.

Nature skrev:As with memory, the way that sociability changes with stress is not linear. Kaufer's lab found that rats exposed to moderate stress — in this case, being immobilized in a bag — displayed more positive social behaviour, such as huddling, resource sharing and reduced aggression4. The researchers also saw an increase in the prosocial hormone oxytocin. But if the immobilized rats were exposed to fox odour, the addition of this high-level-stress inducer caused them to lose all pro-social behaviours. Oxytocin plummeted, as did its receptors. “This is really interesting because it can start to explain the social withdrawal that you can see in some psychopathologies like PTSD and depression,” Kaufer says.


#artikel #nature #stress #kortisol #neurologi #depression #minne #beteende #hjärnan
av Onddruid
i tor mar 03 2016, 11:18
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Ämne: Motståndskraft mot stress, vad är det och vart kommer det ifrån?
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Bipolära patienter med utmattat stresshormonsystem


[2016-01-19] Nya rön visar att äldre bipolära patienter ofta har en sänkt aktivitet i hormonsystemet som styr utsöndringen av stresshormonet kortisol. Låga kortisolnivåer hos bipolära patienter visades också vara starkt förknippat med depression, låg livskvalitet, fetma, höga blodfetter och metabolt syndrom. Upptäckterna kan ge viktiga ledtrådar till hur behandlingsstrategier för depression och bipolär sjukdom kan förbättras, enligt en avhandling vid Umeå universitet

Stress medför normalt ökad aktivitet i hormonsystemet som reglerar utsöndringen av kortisol. Hyperaktivitet i hormonsystemet med höga kortisolnivåer, ett tillstånd som kallas hyperkortisolism, är vanligt förekommande vid depression. Men i andra änden av skalan finns exempel på att hög stress över lång tid kan leda till hypokortisolism.        

Det är möjligt att återkommande depressiva och/eller maniska perioder med hög ackumulerad stressbelastning med tiden leder till en utmattning av hormonsystemet. Stöd för denna hypotes sågs i gruppen med bipolära patienter där högre ålder var relaterat till lägre kortisolnivåer speciellt hos patienter som inte medicinerat med förebyggande stämningsstabiliserande medicinering. Däremot förekom ingen ökning av andelen med hypokortisolism bland de bipolära patienterna som under en stor del av livet medicinerat med den stämningsstabiliserande medicinen litium. Detta innebär enligt Martin Maripuu att den på sjukdomsförloppet gynnsamma effekten av tidigt insatt litiummedicinering delvis skulle kunna förklaras av att litium förebygger utvecklingen av hypokortisolism.

#studie #hjärnan #kortisol #litium #metabolt_syndrom #fetma #bipolär #depression
av chai
i tor feb 25 2016, 18:04
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Ämne: Bipolära patienter med utmattat stresshormonsystem
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Ny roll för dopamin i sociala beteenden hos möss

Och här kommer en lite mer lättsmält artikel om vad de här försöken säger om isolation och ensamhet: http://www.psypost.org/2016/02/pinpointing-loneliness-in-the-brain-40897

#neurologi #artikel #hjärnan
av Onddruid
i mån feb 22 2016, 20:00
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Ämne: Ny roll för dopamin i sociala beteenden hos möss
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Dynamisk reglering hos astrocyter i hjärnan kan ge nya mål för behandlingar i framtiden

Astrocytes are star-shaped cells in our brain that surround brain neurons, and neural circuits, protecting them from injury and enabling them to function properly – in essence, one of their main roles is to ‘baby-sit’ neurons. Our brain contains billions of cells, each of which need to communicate between each other in order to function properly. This communication is highly dependent on the behaviour of astrocytes. Until now, the mechanisms that create and maintain differences among astrocytes, and allow them to fulfill specialized roles, has remained poorly understood.

“It was believed that astrocytes acquired their properties during the development of the brain and then they were hardwired in their roles,” says senior study’s author Dr. Keith Murai, director of the Centre for Research in Neuroscience at the RI-MUHC, associate professor of the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery at McGill University. “We have now discovered that astrocytes are actually incredibly flexible and potentially modifiable, which enables them to improve brain function or restore lost potential caused by disease.”


#artikel #neurologi #hjärnan #medicin #astrocyter
av Onddruid
i fre feb 19 2016, 10:00
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Ämne: Dynamisk reglering hos astrocyter i hjärnan kan ge nya mål för behandlingar i framtiden
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Hjärnstrukturförändringar till följd av farmakologisk behandling vid bipolär sjukdom


MRI studies comparing patients with bipolar disorder and healthy volunteers have demonstrated subtle grey matter volume deficits in patients, especially in brain regions underpinning mood regulation, as well as white matter disorganization in tracts interconnecting distributed brain regions. However studies tend to display considerable heterogeneity in their findings. In this review of in vivo neuroanatomical imaging studies of bipolar disorder to date, McDonald discusses the evidence that differential usage of psychopharmacological treatment is associated with alterations in neuroanatomy and thus an important source of this heterogeneity.

When greater weight is given to more powerful studies, with large numbers or with longitudinal design where intra-individual variation after initiation of medication is examined, substantial evidence emerges that medications used in bipolar disorder have a predominantly ameliorative affect on brain anatomy. This includes evidence that use of mood stabilizers such as lithium is associated with increased grey matter volume especially in brain regions underpinning mood regulation, as well as normalization of white matter disconnectivity.

#artikel #review #medicin #hjärnan #neurologi #läkemedel
av Onddruid
i ons feb 17 2016, 11:06
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Ämne: Hjärnstrukturförändringar till följd av farmakologisk behandling vid bipolär sjukdom
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Ny roll för dopamin i sociala beteenden hos möss

The study published today in Cell explores a group found in a particular area of the brain called the dorsal raphe nucleus.

The researchers used optogenetics to show that when this group of dopamine neurons is activated in mice this prompts the animal to interact with others. The finding could hold important clues about how isolation affects people. “Social interactions are no doubt important for our mental health and play a role in conditions such as schizophrenia and depression. Interestingly, these disorders are also associated with dysfunction of dopamine neurons,” said Ungless. “We’re less likely to be able to help with such conditions if we continue to assume that all dopamine neurons do the same thing.”

Källa: http://csc.mrc.ac.uk/surprise-role-dopamine-social-interplay/?doing_wp_cron=1455454337.1666059494018554687500

#artikel #neurologi #neurotransmittor #transmittorsubstans #dopamin #hjärnan #depression #isolation #psykos #schizofreni
av Onddruid
i mån feb 15 2016, 09:43
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Ämne: Ny roll för dopamin i sociala beteenden hos möss
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NeuroScienceNews: manliga och kvinnliga "hjärnor" en falsk dikotomi

Det här är något jag har varit engagerad i ett tag. Det började med en jättebra review som jag läste som visade att skillnaderna inom grupper nästan alltid är större än mellan grupper i studier som jämför män och kvinnor vilket är en bra grund för att anta att i många studier beror utfallet mindre på vilket kön man har än på vem man är. Ändå pratas det friskt om män/kvinnor och man försöker flitigt blåsa upp även de minsta skillnaderna mellan grupper.

Här kommer en mycket bra kritik av den manliga/kvinnliga dikotomin i neurobiologin: http://neurosciencenews.com/male-female-brain-differences-3617/

#artikel #neurologi #neurobiologi #hjärnan #kön #myt #missuppfattning
av Onddruid
i tis feb 09 2016, 22:46
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Ämne: NeuroScienceNews: manliga och kvinnliga "hjärnor" en falsk dikotomi
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Skillnader i den vita hjärnsubstansen mellen BPI och BPII?

White matter microstructural characteristics in Bipolar I and Bipolar II Disorder: A diffusion tensor imaging study

In conclusion, we found that BD-II differs from BD-I in a localized region belonging to the right ILF while both BD-I and BD-II patients have widespread WM changes in the right cortico-spinal tract, left internal capsule and bilateral cerebellum in comparison to HC. Our data suggest that the loss of WM integrity in BD-II might be due to demyelination, whereas WM changes common to both BD subgroups could be attributable to axonal damage. Further longitudinal DTI studies focused on the different phases of the illness in balanced samples of BD-I and BD-II are essential to determine the association between the clinical course of the illness and its neurobiological underpinning.

#neurobiologi #studie #DTI #neurologi #hjärnan #bipolär
av Butterflychaos
i ons feb 03 2016, 17:58
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Ämne: Skillnader i den vita hjärnsubstansen mellen BPI och BPII?
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Ett extremt low-tech test för ångest

Det här är något alla med ångest borde testa hemma , tydligen är den högra hjärnhalvan mer aktiverad än den vänstra hos folk med ångest vilket gör att om man täcker för personens ögon och ber hen gå på en rak linje så kommer personen att dra åt vänster.

#artikel #DIY #diagnostik #ångest #hjärnan #neurologi
av Onddruid
i sön jan 24 2016, 11:21
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Ämne: Ett extremt low-tech test för ångest
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Ett försök att undersöka kausalitet hos förändringar i hjärnan vid depression

Den här artikeln pratar om en ambitiös studie som försökt hitta orsakssamband vid de hjärnförändringar som är associerade med depression genom att titta på barn till människor som lider av depression och därför har en ca 3 ggr så hög risk att utveckla depression i framtiden. De drar slutsatsen att hjärnförändringarna går att se innan depressionen visar sig vilket underbygger neurobiologiska modeller av depression.

#artikel #hjärnan #depression #neurologi #utveckling #psykologi #riskfaktorer #diagnostik
av Onddruid
i sön jan 24 2016, 11:14
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Ämne: Ett försök att undersöka kausalitet hos förändringar i hjärnan vid depression
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